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What can you do?

  1. Tell all your friends and neighbours about it! Too many people still don’t realise what’s going on, and it’s not in the interests of the developer or the landowers to publicise it.
  2. Send an email to, remembering to quote the application number (14/00516/OUTMEI) and state your reason(s) for objecting.
  3. If you can’t email, write a letter instead to the case officer, Mr Jon Allinson at Lichfield District Council, District Council House, Frog Lane, Lichfield, WS13 6YZ
  4. Speak to your local councillor and let them know that you are unhappy about the development. Links to lists of local councillors for Tamworth and Lichfield are below.
  5. If you have the time, write to every member of the Lichfield District Council planning committee individually, letting them know of your feelings and objections to this proposal.

They need to know that a lot of people don’t want this development, and that this is not a quick decision to make in yet another meeting before popping off to lunch. This is a decision that will affect the lives of thousands of people in NE Tamworth and the surrounding countryside, and should not be taken lightly. A full list of the councillors on the Planning Committee can be found at


Councillor Ashley Yeates represents the Mease and Tame Ward, the area in which this development falls.  He is also a member of the Lichfield District Council Planning Committee. You can email him at or call him – Telephone: 0121 323 2200

A full list of Lichfield District Councillors is available from the council’s website.


The ward closest to the proposed site is Spittal, and it is represented by:

Cllr John Chesworth
Cllr Maureen Gant
Cllr Robert Pritchard, Deputy Council Leader

A full list of Tamworth Borough Councillors is also available from their website.

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