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Traffic experts predict nearly 1000 EXTRA vehicles in one hour at key road junctions around NE Tamworth

Independent traffic consultants working for the NETAG group have shown that traffic from the proposed Arkall development will push peak traffic levels to nearly 1000 extra vehicles at some junctions during rush hour periods compared to current levels.  Key junctions all over north east Tamworth will be loaded to almost unimaginable levels compared to the already difficult levels that residents are familiar with.

Arkall traffic increases across NE Tamworth

The Browns Lane and Ashby Road junction would be the busiest with an extra vehicle every 3.7 seconds, and as 30% of vehicles are predicted to be turning at the junction, the potential for long queues or accidents will be increased.


The Extra morning and evening peak hour traffic movements at key juntions:

Junction AM Peak Hour 08.00 – 09.00 PM Peak Hour 17.00 – 18.00
Browns Lane / Ashby Road Junction 867 949
Browns Lane / Manston View Junction 303 329
Browns Lane / Gilway Lane Junction 249 270
Gilway Lane / Coton Lane Junction 193 207
Fountain Junction 671 729
Offa Drive Junction 671 729
Aldergate Junction 542 593


Using traffic data and flow assumptions from the Browns Lane development Traffic Assessment (TA), which has already been accepted by the Lichfield planners, the traffic consultants calculated the full impact of the Arkall proposal when added to Brown’s Lane and Anker Valley.  Traffic from Coton Lane was not included in the analysis and will push the figures even higher.

In compiling the analysis the consultants highlighted several further areas of concern including:

  • The capacity of the Fountain Junction under current loads (before any of the additional traffic is even taken into consideration) noting that even after recent modifications “the road network does not handle the traffic load very well. This is obvious by visual observation alone.”
  • the difficult staggered junction of Gillway Lane and Coton Lane” which the Brown’s Lane TA already acknowledges as being over-capacity, and yet would see another ~200 vehicles an hour during peak times. The only suggestion made by the Browns Lane TA is that some money should be given to the local highway authority to solve the problem.  This is not a guaranteed solution, and all it does is put the problem (and an unknown amount of extra cost) onto Tamworth Borough Council and local residents.
  • Problems with “missing traffic” in the Browns Lane TA, which shows vehicles leaving the development heading into Tamworth, disappearing before reaching the critical junctions further away, and not shown as returning either. This, added to the fact that the Anker Valley development is 7% bigger than the TA allowed for (an extra 35 houses), means that the actual numbers will be even higher.  Careful analysis of all future TA’s is clearly required to ensure that no further apparent errors make it past planning, and cause the impact on residents to be underestimated.

We believe that if you ask any local resident to imagine 1000 extra vehicles at the Browns Lane / Ashby Road junction in one hour, or even 200 extra vehicles at the smallest junction, they will tell you those levels are unsustainable. The roads of NE Tamworth will be chaos, with long queues in almost every direction, causing huge and potentially unmanageable increases in travel times for local residents, whether on their way to work or doing the school run.

Local children walking to school and other pedestrians will also be affected with increased risk of accidents, and significantly increased pollution levels from thousands of near-stationary vehicles lining the roads each morning,

Unsustainable traffic across NE Tamworth would be one of the many negative effects of the Arkall development, but you can be fairly sure that with traffic levels this high the rest of Tamworth and the surrounding area will suffer the consequences too.  Tamworth does not need Arkall or the problems that it will bring.

The huge number of people who have submitted individual objections to Lichfield District Council demonstrates how strongly local residents feel about this unsustainable planning application. Looking at these projected traffic figures only reinforces those concerns. There is still time to make your views known, or encourage friends and neighbours to do so.


One Response to Traffic experts predict nearly 1000 EXTRA vehicles in one hour at key road junctions around NE Tamworth

  1. Lynda Kovach May 26, 2016 at 7:54 am #

    It’s madness! I live in Shuttington which is already a rat run for vehicles trying to avoid the Tsmworth bottlenecks at rush hour Many residents are very concerned about the inevitable increase in traffic through our village if this development goes ahead. Traffic is already very bad here at commuting times (400 vehicles an hour through this tiny village) and will be exacerbated by vehicles from this development trying to avoid the Tamworth bottlenecks!

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