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Professional planning consultants find multiple problems with proposal

Mango Planning, a respected planning consultancy which works for some of the UK’s biggest companies, was commissioned by neighbours affected by the proposed scheme. Their report, recently submitted to Lichfield District Council, found multiple problems with the application.

Read the full PDF submission here

One Response to Professional planning consultants find multiple problems with proposal

  1. Rob Portman August 17, 2014 at 7:44 pm #

    I find the support of TBC in opposing this plan nothing short of astonishing and would like to understand what the difference is between this development and that of the golf course apart from TBC own the land and stand to benefit?

    In terms of the report you could effectively cut and paste the report and use the same arguments to oppose the development of the golf course site which TBC are hell bent on development….The leader and the Deputy Leader recently had a double page spread in the Herald opposing this development but have shown complete disregard for ARA. They should be utterly ashamed given the position they have put the residents in Amington and now won’t recognise the residents association as they say they are politically aligned with Labour.

    Utter disgrace

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