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Planning decision on Arkall being made this Monday (27th Feb) – we need your help!

After months of delays, as the developers have tried to fight the mounting evidence of their application’s unsustainability, the Lichfield Planning Committee are finally meeting to decide the fate of the proposed Arkall development.

The meeting is this coming Monday 27th February at 6pm in Lichfield District Council’s Offices in Frog Lane, Lichfield (WS13 6YZ).

The person speaking against the development, on behalf of all of us who think that it is a terrible idea, is Danny Cook, Leader of Tamworth Borough Council.  The fact that the leader of the neighbouring council is leading the charge against an application shows just how bad an idea it is.  As an experienced local government official he, and all of Tamworth Council, know how bad the impact of these extra houses will be on Tamworth’s roads and infrastructure.

How can you help?

We need to make the members of Lichfield’s Planning Committee aware of the scale of the opposition to this unsustainable development.

There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Turn up in person at the meeting – it is being covered by the Tamworth Herald, and hopefully local news TV who have confirmed that it is on their editorial list for the day.
  2. Email the members of the planning committee quoting application reference 14/00516/OUTMEI, to tell them that the development is unsustainable, and will make the already overloaded roads of NE Tamworth unusable.  All the email addresses are at the bottom of this page.

If you can’t attend in person, then please be sure to email them, telling them that you wanted to be there but couldn’t be, and that you believe the development to be unsustainable.

The application is for “up to 1000 houses”, and we strongly believe that the application should be judged on this number, and rejected.  This ridiculous high number should not be used as a negotiating position so that a smaller number somehow seems like an acceptable compromise.  If building on the site is allowed to commence with any number of houses (however small) we all know that, whatever vague reassurances are given now, the developers have no incentive to stop until they’re forced to. By that time the damage will have been done and we will have to live with the consequences for ever but they (and family who own the land) will long since have walked away with the profits.

There is no sustainable number of houses that can be built at Arkall, and this application for up to 1000 more should be rejected outright.

Please take the time to turn up at the planning meeting and write emails.  Spending a few minutes now could save you hundreds of hours of sitting in queues for the next 10 years.


The NETAG Team


List of email addresses for the current members of Lichfield District Council’s Planning Committee

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