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Insufficient traffic capacity for north east Tamworth


Much has changed in the two years since the Arkhall development was first proposed. Three other developments at Coton Lane, Browns Lane, and Anker Valley have all been approved. Between them they will add another 870 houses and their traffic to the roads of NE Tamworth, meaning that there just isn’t the traffic capacity for Arkall, or even a quarter of it.

Residents and users of Browns Lane are already feeling the negative consequences of construction works, and people all over Tamworth are going to be living in a construction zone for the next ten years (

The Arkall Farm farm proposal and its impact on local traffic was unrealistic two years ago, but now basic maths and common sense show that it is completely unsustainable. Only people blinded by profit or pressure to meet quotas would wilfully ignore the basic facts, and we can only assume that none of them live in the area they risk blighting with construction and traffic problems.

An independent traffic and highways consultancy has been appointed to look at the situation on behalf of residents.

One Response to Insufficient traffic capacity for north east Tamworth

  1. Edward Leedham March 11, 2016 at 8:20 pm #

    Everyone I speak to around here is upset by the Arkall proposal. The traffic surveys have confirmed exactly what we already know – that the road network would not cope.

    It should be remembered that when this site was first put forward for the Local Plan, the intention was for the Anker Valley Relief Road to be built to ease congestion. Without that the Arkall site would never have even come forward in the first place.. So to even entertain it now after that road was deemed unviable AND Anker Valley, Browns Lane and Coton Lane have all been given the go ahead is madness.

    I only hope our elected Councillors can find it in them to say no to an unsustainable proposal.

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