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Important info on Ashby Road Closure – Monday 6th March for 4 weeks

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You will probably have seen the signs at the roadworks just before you get into Tamworth.  Unless you live nearby you may not have received one of the flyers which Staffordshire Highways has been distributing only today (Ashby Road Closure Notice – 14th Feb 2017 – PDF approx 800KB).  It explains what is happening and why, as well as answering a lot of the common questions such as what to do about access to local businesses or loss of earnings.

We have heard that the official diversion route (which has to allow for HGV’s and vehicles unable to go on motorways) will be in excess of 40 miles!  We can only imagine that a lot of people will choose to ignore it, or let their sat nav find a shorter route – which will lead to chaos as large vehicles and high traffic volumes try to use narrow country roads.

Our understanding is that much of the road from the railway bridge into central Tamworth will also have to be dug up as services such as electricity are being brought out from the vicinity of the railway station.  Even if you do manage to find another route into NE Tamworth it is not clear that you will be able to easily or quickly get to your destination – commuters beware!

There is not much that we can do about the chaos coming on 6th March, but we can definitely do something to avoid the permanent chaos that will be caused by another 1000 houses at Arkall.  Please help us defeat the application and keep traffic levels in NE Tamworth sustainable.

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