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Another massive queue on the B5493 Ashby Road into NE Tamworth today – is this going to be the new normal?

Anyone who commutes regularly into Tamworth will know how bad the traffic is. During the morning and afternoon peaks the Ashby Road is always very close to its maximum capacity. Even minor delays on other roads soon add to the tailbacks, and because the road is already operating so close to capacity, when there is a delay on the M42 in the morning the Ashby Road quickly becomes completely overwhelmed by traffic. Time and time again the queues have stretched back well over a mile from the edge of Tamworth.

This is a real problem now for residents and commuters alike, however things are about to get a lot worse.

700 new houses are in the process of being constructed (535 on the Ashby Road, 165 on the adjoining Browns Lane). In addition to this 170 are soon to be built less than a mile away on Coton Lane. These developments have all been approved, but the extra traffic won’t enter the network until they are lived in.

There’s nothing that can be done about this as the plans have already been approved and the builders are on site.

However, even before the effects of all the traffic from those other developments are known, Lichfield District Council are considering yet another application from developers to build 1,000 further houses along the Ashby Road at Arkall Farm.

This application would be such bad news for Tamworth that even Tamworth Borough Council itself is objecting!

The developers are having a difficult time convincing the highways authority that the road network can cope, however they have gone to great lengths to do so and continue to be bullish about their chances. Thankfully hundreds of residents and road users have already put pressure on Lichfield District Council to reject the application by objecting in large numbers, but the developers continue to spend money on lobbying behind the scenes. It is therefore vital that we keep the pressure up by getting as many people as possible to make their voices heard and show the Planning Committee that terrible traffic congestion is already a serious problem in Tamworth that cannot just be swept aside to meet building targets.

We are not against planning, but we are most certainly against bad planning and the gridlock generated from this application would be a disaster.

The video shows the morning traffic with tailbacks of well over a mile. Imagine how bad it could be if the Arkall Farm application is also approved….

Playing your part in stopping this application is quick and easy. It only takes 5 minutes. The trick is when a hundred people each spend 5 minutes objecting, and then tell their friends, suddenly we have over 100 extra objections – and that makes a real difference.

We have already reached over 450 people that have written in so far about this application, but a lot more are very concerned but have yet to do so. Now is the time to push it over 500 people and beyond.

So please take 5 minutes to write a short email to, quoting the application number (14/00516/OUTMEI).

It does not need to be long or use fancy words, you just need to give your name, address and reason(s) for objecting, hit send and then you have done your bit.

5 minutes writing now could save 30 minutes a day queuing in the car in the future!

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