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In February 2016 an application was re-submitted to Lichfield District Council to build 1000 houses on the Arkall Farm site to the north of Ashby Road (B5493) just outside Tamworth. There are many potential problems with the proposed development, but in short, if permitted it will:

  • Create unsustainable levels of traffic into Tamworth (and the infamous Fountain and Offa Drive Junctions) creating massive queues and delays for residents. When the road into Tamworth has been temporarily blocked during rush hour in the past, it has caused a queue over 3 miles long within minutes.
  • Be a building site for 10 years or more, bringing construction traffic, pollution, delays and a visual eyesore to the area.
  • Cause additional flooding on Syerscote Lane between Wigginton and Haunton
  • Forever change the character of the countryside to the NE of Tamworth for those that already live and work there.

Help us stop it now before it’s too late!

If you haven’t written to Lichfield District Council to make your views known about application 14/00516/OUTMEI, then there’s still time but you need to be quick. The statutory consultation period ended last month, but the planning committee have to consider any representations or objections received before the application is determined.

Read how else you can help, and don’t forget to leave us your email address so we can email you when we have news to share.

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